Month: July 2014

Taking a few days off

So much to do but I’m taking a few days off to visit family and friends in rural upstate New York.
When I get back I’ll be focusing on getting the rest of the directories completed and start adding more great entries to each.
We live in a great state where there is an amazing variety of small, local independent businesses and wonderful cultural resources and fun things to do.
Please give me feedback and share the site with others.
Thank you.
In bloom around the state are Queen Anne’s Lace and Chicory.

queen-anne-lace_smChicory Plant

Trying something new

In our effort to improve our site we’re considering moving our site. This is a test to see if this venue will work for us.
You can search the site by county, city, or keyword such as wellness, reiki, ice cream, chocolates, etc. Try it and let us know how it worked or didn’t. We’re still rebuilding and now having to do that in an entirely new environment which means a lot of recoding. Bear with us. Thank you.