Month: October 2014

Whew!! Just finished adding a LOT of new entries in our Burlington County directory. Take a look. Look for the NEW labels.
We’ve passed 1,600 businesses and organizations in our directories without even noticing and mountains more to add.
These are ALL small, local, independent businesses — as we are.  No chains.  No big box stores.  No national or multinational corporations.  Just small New Jersey businesses and organizations near you.


Woofapawlooza coming up November 8th to benefit Gentle Giants Rescue and Sanctuary.


Stopped in Robinson’s Chocolates in the Montgomery Shopping Center yesterday to find something special for my granddaughter for Halloween.  It took me a while to find something because they have so many different things for the holiday.


November 1st – Bikers for Animals to benefit North Bergen Animal Rescue and Shelter Project.


Also, November 1stNorth Bergen Animal Rescue & Shelter fundraiser with live music and stand-up comic.



November 2nd – North Plainfield’s Halloween Dog Parade to benefit the Associated Humanities Societies.


Sounds like great fun.

I could get more work done if our wireless network didn’t need a boost upstairs. Something to fix soon.


Are you on LinkedIn?  Connect with me there – Lorraine O’Dell
Are you interested in getting together with other small, local, Independent businesses to brainstorm, for mutual support or just to commiserate?  I created a group at LinkedIn for just that purpose:  New Jersey Small Time Operators  Join me there.
AwareNewJersey is also a small, local, independent AND homemade business in New Jersey.  The We in AwareNewJersey is me.  Small time operator hand building these directories, waiting for the day when I can acquire a CMS to make this process a little more stream-lined and a lot less time consuming.
Look for AwareNewJersey on Facebook and Twitter.

Look for the NEW in our directories:
Atlantic City Surf School
Atlantic Rails in Folsom
Barnyard Sanctuary in Blairstown
Sew & Show in Garwood
The Model Railroad Club in Union
to name a few.


Lots of events coming up:
Saturday, Oct. 25th for Poor Paws Rescue
halloween adoptions
Also Saturday, Oct. 25th for New Life Animal Rescue


Sunday, Oct. 26th for Associated Humane Societies Popcorn Park

Saturday, November 1st for North Bergen Animal Rescue