Month: November 2014

Small Business Saturday – tomorrow

I hope you all had a happy, comfortable, flavorful Thanksgiving.
Please resist shopping today.  Save your money, energy and sanity and wait until tomorrow.  Tomorrow is:

Small Business Saturday 

Drive around your neighborhood, your town.  Stop in local, independent shops, especially shops you’ve never been in before.  Most of their owners live in your community.  A greater % of their income goes back into your community than that of the big chains.
Do yourself a favor.  Do your community a favor.  Do the economy a favor.

Shop local, shop small, independent businesses

Stay home and relax today.

Birthday dinner

Saturday, I was taken to Sahara Restaurant in Skillman for my birthday.  I had the Traditional Combination with roasted vegetables, regular hummus, baba ghanoug and tabouleh.  For dessert, I had Ma’amoul, a date filled cookie which I’d never had before.  Everything was very tasty and fresh.  They have a few menu items for the unadventurous, like my granddaughter.  Everyone seems to enjoy their food. I certainly liked mine and will definitely be going back to try other dishes.  There were very few empty tables so I think its a popular eatery.  I highly recommend Sahara Restaurant.


This time of year is my least favorite and I tend to want to hibernate.  There’s much to do around the house and the holidays consume a lot of attention.  I’ll try to keep up with what’s going on for the holidays but I’m already behind.

A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


Small Business in New Jersey

Since we’ve been blogging and building our directories, several small businesses and shops that were in our directories have closed.  Others have closed their shops but continue to sell online.  Others have abandoned their web sites and only have Facebook pages.
We find it sad that these wonderful little shops are having to close their doors.  We feel that small local shops give character to a town; a unique flavor to the neighborhood.
If you are contemplating closing, please contact us.  We’re new at this ourselves but have life experience that might be helpful.  We don’t like to see local businesses struggling or failing.  What’s good for you is good for us.  If we can help we will.
I’ve created a group at LinkedIn for the purpose of forming a loose local organization for very small local businesses in New Jersey.  The object is to share ideas, solutions, mutual support and to trade skills.  Please take a look and connect with me at LinkedIn.
I hope your day is going well and is profitable.


The Camden County Directory has been updated; look for the NEW.