Month: February 2015

What do you want to see here?

I’ve decided to continue for the rest of this year.  If things don’t progress by then, I’ll finish this up.
This was intended to be a business to supplement my retirement income.
This was intended to be a directory of small, independent, local businesses throughout New Jersey in a handful of categories that interest me and, hopefully, interest others:  Art, Crafts, Culture, Wildlife and Animal Welfare, Beautiful things, Natural and artisan Foods, Wellness, Spirituality, Unusual activities, the environment, home & garden, stuff for kids, and miscellaneous other small businesses that strike my fancy.
This was intended to be a blog about all of those things, about the included businesses, and about small business in general.
What I’ve discovered so far:

  • there are tons of wonderful, interesting, unique small, local, independent businesses throughout New Jersey.
  • Nobody is looking at this web site.
  • I enjoy finding all of these interesting entities.
  • I’m doing a lot of work with no return.
  • I think that many of the small businesses I’m finding could benefit by getting together and discussing their experiences, problems and ideas.
  • I need a web site makeover.

To Continue or not

I’ve done nothing with the blog or the directories since before Christmas and nobody has noticed.
I got a rather scathing review from a friend before that.
This was intended to be a little online business to supplement my retirement incomes. I’ve done a lot of work over quite a length of time and only one person asked about fees, etc.  I’ve charged nothing for inclusion in the directories but haven’t had enough traffic to justify asking for some kind of fee.
I’m aware that the directories are not designed well or as intended but I’m doing this all by myself.
I’m aware that the search function here is not as I would like it – full keyword searching across all pages.
I’m aware that the templates here do not allow for enough flexibility of page design so that I can have a variety of advertising space available for customers.
I’ve been thinking that a membership model might be a better fit with directories and blogs included but advertising and a running series of small business workshops and gatherings to share and trade skills and problem-solving.
So, continue or not.
I really love ferreting out all the wonderful little businesses that fit in my categories.
I truly believe that small, local, independent businesses are more interesting, more responsive to customers and are potentially the salvation of our economy.
Does anybody care?  I’m not sure.
So, continue or not.
Does anybody out there have an opinion?