Month: April 2015

I just learned of a preservation project in New Jersey that warrants attention.  The T. Thomas Fortune House Project in Red Bank exists to preserve the T. Thomas House and to turn it into a cultural center.  They are in need of support and donations.  I think such projects are important and worthwhile and make our communities better places to live.


I’ve been hibernating all winter – not my favorite season; and, wondering whether or not I should continue this enterprise.  It was intended as a little supplemental income to my retirement and has dominated much of 3 years of my time and I’ve had no income, at all, from it.  However, I have enjoyed collecting all the information and there’s a mountain of it still waiting.

I’ve been an information professional (librarian) most of my adult life and I enjoy finding and dispensing information to those who want and need it so this little “business” has been just a continuation of that.

I do, however, have to rethink my business model and look for some assistance with the site which has reached its usefulness.  So stayed tuned.