Month: June 2017

Filtered tap water vs Bottled ‘spring’ water.

Trying to find up-to-date information comparing filtered tap water with bottled spring water (much of it not really spring water) is impossible. Over a year ago, I decided to switch from bottled spring water back to filtered tap water. I already had a Pur tap filter and 2 filtering pitchers and got another one during a Christmas gift exchange game. I wanted to stop contributing to plastics pollution and stop paying money for water when it’s right there in the faucet. So, here’s my thinking: The water from the faucet is heavily treated to kill all kinds of things but the chemicals are still there and it usually tastes terrible, to me. Bottled spring water is “collected” by corporations, bottled in plastic and sold to us. We see none of the process of collection or bottling; we know nothing about this water. In some cases, it’s been shown that chemicals from the plastic bottles leech into the water. In the non-clear plastic bottles, I can taste it and I dislike that taste even more than the chlorine in the tap water. Plastics have become a major source of solid waste pollution worldwide. Bottled water costs money. So, putting all those thoughts together, I decided that going back to filtered tap water would provide me with water I trust as much as any other, save me money and eliminate more plastic from my life. I keep 2 pitchers of filtered water in the frig and use my tap filter when I fill pots with cooking water. I’m sure some of you will have thoughts….
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