Month: August 2017

Intending to Revive

I’m review and revising my directory pages and will be upgrading my business plan and hosting plan to try to revive this blog and directories.  I am also a small, local, independent business; struggling just like you.  I’m giving myself 2 years to revive this site and business then I’m moving on.
I will be contacting many of you via email over the next few weeks and months to let you know what we can offer.
I’ve noticed that many of you, whether or not you have a brick and mortar establishment, have no web site, an outdated website, a hacked web site or only a Facebook page.  One of the things I can offer you immediately, for a small fee, is a freely hosted site that you can manage yourself or pay me, also for a small fee, to maintain.
Contact me by phone 607-952-4369, mobile, or email: [email protected], for details.