Month: January 2018

Updates, corrections and disaster

I cancelled my travel plans northward because of the snowstorm forecast but I don’t see anything yet.


I updated and made corrections to the Morris County Page then something went awry and the layout is messed up.  I removed a few listings because I can’t find any links or contact information about the entry.  I added one NEW entry.
I also added a NEW entry to the Middlesex County Page and found additional entries that I expect to add today and tomorrow.



I’m not sure was happened while I was editing but all the pages seem to have been affected.  I really need a new computer; this one has a reported hardware issue and isn’t worth fixing.  I really need software to help redesign and update the directory pages.  Does any of this sound familiar to any of you out there trying to DIY business?
Please consider helping my GoFundMe campaign.  Helping me could potentially help you.  I certainly think that helping you will, eventually, help me.  See my previous post that, if you don’t already have a web page, I will give you a one page, free site, if you make a donation.
Please visit and comment. Thank you.



Free web page

Get Your Free Web Page.

Yes, for the next 30 days, if you are a small, local, independent (NO CHAINS), business in New Jersey with products and/or services in any of these categories:
The Arts,
Wildlife and Animal Welfare,
Boutique Fashion and Jewelry,
Home & Garden,
The Environment,
Natural & Artisan Foods,
Hobbies  — and/or
Men’s Fashions and Stuff,
I will make you a single page, on WordPress, with basic information about your business and links to Facebook and Twitter, etc., for a single donation of $45 to my GoFundMe account and permission to include credit for the design and a link back to this site of mine.  Call me  610-952-4369.
I will always do this for not-for-profits.

Happy 2018

I’m looking forward to this year with hope and focus.  I’m revising my business plan, updating pages, investigating tools to improve the look, navigation, searching and management of this site.

We are under construction.

GoFundMe Campaign

I have a GoFundMe campaign to help me get this thing where I want it and I’ll pass those donations along to the business members who appear in the directory in the form of free listings for the first year.
I am currently in need of a techie with WordPress, WP Business Directory Plugin and Hostgator experience to serve as a consultant.  Please contact me.
In the meantime, most of pages are outdated, my holiday activities are not finished yet and I have a TNRd cat that I’m trying to get to a vet while juggling schedules. The poor thing is a mess and I still have to get my 2 female kitten spayed.


Bastet and Princess Sweetpea say hello.
The “tree” isn’t much I know but I decided not to fight with them about ornaments.  It’s down and put away now, one of my New Year’s traditions; put Christmas away for another year.
I hope you had a wonderful holiday and New Year celebration and that this coming year is an improvement on last year — for all of us.
Please take a look around.  I will be in touch.  I’m on Facebook and Twitter.  I will connect with you if I haven’t already.

To the Future.