Month: October 2018

Animal Welfare

New Jersey is filled with people, groups and organizations helping animals, all over the state: cats, dogs, rabbits, farm animals, wildlife;

Animal Rescue, Animal Adoptions, Animal Fostering, Animal Sanctuaries, Emergency Animal Evacuation, Wildlife Reserves, TNR groups, Emergency Veterinary Care, Wildlife Rehab, Animal Abuse Tracking

They do all that and more, including fund raising to cover the costs of supplies, housing, food, medications, etc.

AwareNewJersey feels that these tireless, mostly volunteers, are looking after a huge number of animals who can’t look after themselves. They work hard and see a lot of losses and witness a lot of suffering and most of us are unaware of all the work they do and all the animals they save and help.

AwareNewJersey has a Special Membership for Animal Welfare and Wildlife organizations.  These are some of their upcoming events.


North Bergen Animal Rescue and Shelter fundraiser










Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue Event









Gentle Giants Rescue & Sanctuary 

2nd Annual WoofaPawLooza – Nov. 8th











Coming Up

October 20 & 21, 2018

Decide which lighthouse you would like to begin at, then visit this site for information about the event:

The Lighthouse Challenge of New Jersey



And a fund-raiser, October 19th, at the German American Society in Trenton, to benefit Trenton Cats Rescue .

The following listings were added this morning:

Cold MountainZen 

Sai Pariwar

Shree Dwarkadhish Temple

Ved Mandir

American Institute of Alternative Medicine

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Center of NJ

Whiskers Rescue

Visiting their listings, visit their web sites, visit them.


Verona’s Green Fair

It was a great day at the Verona Green Fair yesterday despite the cold.  I met a lot of really great people and discovered a lot of great businesses and organizations.  I also got a couple of discounts, bought a really pretty sea glass bracelet and took home a couple of delicious chicken and potato empanadas.


I found out that field goodswhile based in NYS, get a lot of their produce from New Jersey small farms and supplies a lot of New Jersey businesses with produce, so they get a mention here.

I had a delicious sample of lemon, ginger, honey tea from Green Point Organic Juicery and I’ll remember to stop in when I use those massage coupons in the near future. They also have a location in Morristown.

I met Robert Prout of Prout Funeral Home who taught me a great deal about green funeral practices and about Steelmantown Cemetery in South Jersey that practices Green Burials and Greensprings Natural Cemetery which is using natural burial practices to reclaim and preserve hundreds of acres of land from development.  Brilliant.

I met Marge Royle of Bridge of Faith which does great work with people in Awka, Nigeria.  She told me about:


Which is an event of the Justice-Network and New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking.  This is an important issue.

I also met Ellen Berkowitz of the Montclair Chapter of the Citizens’ Climate Lobby.  There are other chapters in New Jersey.   This too is an important issue.  Related is the Verona Environmental Commission which is doing great work to make Verona green and Sustainable Verona who was one of the sponsors of the Verona Green Fair.  We all want a healthy environment, don’t we?

Added to the directory, just from the Verona Green Fair and walking through town are, please take a look:

The Towne Scoop

Verona Wellness and Yoga Center

Noel’s Place

Hilltop Conservancy – Hilltop Reservation

Indigo Yoga – seen on the drive

Rustic Soap

PAWS – Pound Animal Welfare Society of Montclair

Empyrean Massage and Body Work

Yolanda’s Creations

Sue Waldman

David Nicolato

Healing Treatments Massage Studio

Verona Environmental Commission

and Sustainable Verona

I hope we get together again soon.  Take a look around AwareNewJersey and see what we can accomplish together.  I’m also on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin ; connect with me there.