Some of our plugins and forms are not coordinating properly so, for now,  if you want to become a member, email me at [email protected] and we’ll figure out how to proceed.  Thank you.

Our Business Plan & Memberships

AwareNewJersey is a small, local, independent business, actually a micro business, interested in other small, local, independent businesses and not-for-profits, in New Jersey, in a handful of categories.  Please read About Us and Our Values.

We are an online directory and blog about small, independent, local businesses throughout New Jersey; particularly our members.

AwareNewJersey is a sole proprietorship so I understand some of the aspects of small business.

A core belief of AwareNewJersey is that small, local, independent businesses are the bedrock of our community and national economies.

A core belief of AwareNewJersey is that cooperation and alliances are means to greater success.

A core belief of AwareNewJersey is that small, local, independent businesses are in constant competition with large corporations.

A core belief of AwareNewJersey is that we, AwareNewJersey, will succeed if you succeed. So we will do whatever we can to help you succeed, including calling on every resource we know of and continuing to hunt down new resources, that may help you in your business.

We hope that by providing a membership model of a business directory, at low cost and by providing a variety of promotional and other services, we can be supportive of other small, local, independent businesses.

Membership Eligibility:

  • You must own and operate a small, independent, local business or non-profit in New Jersey.
  • Your business must fit in one of our main categories:  Wellness, Spiritual Paths, The Environment, The Arts, Home & Garden, For Kids, For Men, Wildlife, Animal Welfare, Culture, Crafts, Activities.  We don’t include everything: (no restaurants, spas, salons, gyms, many others).
  • Our members are not large chain corporations but if you have four (4) locations, no more, in New Jersey and, if you have one (1) location (no more) out of state, you can be a member.
  • Our members are not franchises.  You may think you’re independent but you’re contributing to the health and wealth of a large corporation.  See Our Values.
  • You do not have to have a web site but you must have some kind of online presence: a Facebook or Etsy page – otherwise how can we link to you.  If you need help with that, please contact us.
  • You do not have to have a brick and mortar shop although we hope that you do; more on that in an emailer.

Membership Levels:

We provide the following four (4) membership levels with either monthly or discounted annual fees:

ALL registered members have access, once logged in, to our Members Only content.

Basic Membership – for businesses who want just a basic listing and services:

A Basic Listing includes your business name, address, location or geographic area of doing business, phone number, email address, your URL, one public domain (not copyright protected) image or icon, a short description of your business that you provide, key (Meta) words categorizing your business.  Click on our Directory link to view what our listings look like.

All URL links go directly to your web site, Facebook page or whatever online presence you have, in a new page; there are no intervening advertising pages from AwareNewJersey.

In addition, AwareNewJersey links with you on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and shares and retweets  your activity on those social media sites.

The AwareNewJersey blog includes information about our member businesses, topics related to those businesses and other subjects of interest to our visitors and related to our main categories.

Also, there will be occasional emailed newsletters with content we hope will be useful to members.

Non-Profit Membership – non-profits throughout New Jersey whose work we feel enhances our communities which we wish to acknowledge and honor with a discounted membership which includes the same benefits, described above in Basic Membership, plus your own logo replacing our supplied public domain (not copyright protected) image or icon, at a discounted price.

Special Membership – because most animal rescue organizations completely by volunteer efforts and have almost no funds, and because the stray animal population is out of control, we are offering a Special Free Membership for these organizations and a FREE web site (domain name registration not included) for those who don’t currently have one.

Full Membership – for businesses who want their own logo in their listing as well as a more lengthy business description.  Full Membership includes the same listing as a Basic Membership as well as your own logo replacing our supplied public domain (not copyright protected) image or icon and an additional image, that you supply, if you wish.  Full Membership includes space for a longer business description as well.  Also, the opportunity and online space, for Full Members to promote your business by guest blogging, as a member, in the AwareNewJersey blog – Coming soon.

In addition, we intend and expect to provide the following in the near future:

  • low cost ad space for your business and events – Coming soon.
  • a variety of web site assistance such as: a free static web page, designed with you, to provide you with an online presence, for a low design fee, with no online expenses; and personal advice and referral for web site issues.
  • member gatherings to discuss a variety of small business issues.
  • More to come in the future.

Membership Levels:

3 Month Free Trail Membership              — $30

Basic Membership – Monthly                   — $27 per month

Basic Membership – Annually                  —  $207 per yr

Full Membership – Monthly                      —  $47 per month

Full Membership – Annually                     —  $500 per yr

Not-For-Profit Membership – Monthly  —  $7 per month

Not-For-Profit Membership – Annually — $80 per yr

Special Membership (See above)            —  FREE

Email us or 610-952-4369