Our Values

Our Values:

  • We value craftsmanship, quality.
  • We value uniqueness
  • We value the environment.
  • We value the ethic of providing a decent product or service for a reasonable price and standing behind what you do and sell.
  • We value service – service to customers, service to the community, service to others, service to the environment.

We intend to present to you a variety of web sites of small businesses all over New Jersey.  You will find high-end and not-so-high-end products.  You will find services, events, activities, products and local resources.  It’s unlikely that you will find anything in our directory in a mall or see it on TV.

We hope you will be surprised at the diversity of products and services that local, small businesses are offering.  We have been.  While our intention is to focus on New Jersey small businesses, we may occasionally include nearby events and web sites of businesses a bit farther.  But we will focus on the select areas of interests listed above.

We have found a wonderful assortment of small, unique, independent, local businesses with products and services that we find exciting and interesting that we would like to see remain successful and thriving for their benefit as well as for the benefit of their customers.

Our blog highlights the business we list in a variety of ways and topics related to our categories.  It also lets you know what our current activities are. Please share with us your experience on our site, ask any questions, tell us about businesses we’ve not found yet, let us know what you’d like to see.

When you visit and shop at any of the resources you find here, please let them know you found them here.

We believe:

AwareNewJersey feels very strongly:  Buy Local, Buy from Small Business.

AwareNewJersey believes the premise of The 3/50 Project; that small, independent, local business are what our national economy is built on and are the basis of our local economy.

“For every $100 spent locally-owned, independent stores, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll and other expenditures.  If you spend that in a national chain, only $43 stays here.  Spend it online and nothing comes home.”

Therefore, AwareNewJersey supports and promotes small, local, independent businesses.  We’re for the little guy.  We are one of the little guys.

Our members are small, local, independent businesses.

We limit chains to small, local chains of no more than 4 stores; no more than 1 store outside New Jersey.

Our members that have online only businesses must indicate on their web site that they are located in New Jersey.  Their exact address doesn’t have to appear on their web site but they must provide us with a New Jersey mailing address to become a member.

Thank you for visiting.

Lorraine, Owner of AwareNewJersey

[email protected]